Pet Care

As the title suggests, its span is wide and all encompassing. Pet care could deal with umpteen issues- pet parenting, grooming, food habits, exercise regime, behavioral issues, etc. Right now, I would like to focus on grooming.

“Grooming” is integral to the wellbeing of one’s pet/ furry Angels. Should one possess a long-haired furry Angel then the grooming regime is even more intense. Some of the simple tips that I would recommend are:

  • Comb/ brush the fur coat at least once a day taking care of the knots that form in inconceivable spots- the under arm, under belly, chest, behind the ear lobes. Always use brushes appropriate to the thickness of the fur coat and untangling the nasty knots. This assists in blood circulation;
  • Bathe the Angels at least once a week. Still better consult your Angel’s Vet;
  • I recommend a light oil massage (essential oils) half an hour before their actual warm bath;
  • Post a bath, a very brisk towel rub is recommended as it helps retain the soft texture of the fur;
  • Gently brush the fur coat when the fur is still wet;
  • Since most pet parents are not proficient with scissors, a monthly/ once in two months visit to the pet groomer/ pet salon is recommended to get the desired fur length, shape and cut in keeping with a particular breed’s styling. Regular nail clipping and trimming of the fur on the paws and under the paws is suggested as it assists in the furry Angels walk and gait;
  • The Vet can recommend a shampoo appropriate to take care of the fur, conditions like dandruff, tic treatment, etc.
  • Fur conditioners/ perfumes are avoidable as in most cases the Angels are allergic to these new-fangled and unnatural accompaniments;
  • Finally, a weekly tooth brush as well as ear cleaning are an absolute must to ensure that there is no tartar formation (teeth) or wax infection in your Angel’s ears.
  • Appropriate food (eggs interspersed with salmon oil and cooked vegetables) along with all the above pointers would transform your furry Angel’s fur coat into a healthy, glowing, luxuriant, shimmery, tangle- free coat/ mane.

There is no master plan for pet grooming but a combination of the above steps would be of assistance.

– Rani Boazz  (Author of the book “Noah’s Nuggets”)

Disclaimer – “Views expressed are solely based on personal experience garnered from the real world.”

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