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In today’s age and time, pets have become more substantially viable to add as members to nuclear and Joint Families. With the day, age and times of gadgets, travel, internet, pets seems to have become more than a status style symbol and have earned the position of “Key Member of a Residence”. From the pet’s name at the entry of the house, to dedicated hangout spaces for pets have been identified and accommodated in today’s homes. As they are integral members of our family, the well-being, safety, hygiene and routine activities of the other members of the family is also critical and hence here we have some useful tips for you :
1. Fix a spot to feed your pet.

2. Encourage your pet to eat just there.

3. Wipe their mouth if need.

4. Be after their feed to ensure they avoid food trails.

This is a good habit to inculcate to ensure you do not have food trails and invite other insects and pests, due to leftover trails and droplets of food across the house. Walk your pet a minimum of 3 times a day or more, if possible. Fix a routine and schedule and follow it, as far as possible. This is calming, healthy and a bond that the pet cherishes with every pet owner! Keep a damp towel, wipe the paws and your pet well after every walk, especially if you allow your pets to climb into bed and on the sofa – this will ensure clean paws do not stain your furnishings around the house. This also in the long term ensures the pet’s skin is clean and thus keeps them a bay from any infections or scars due to dirt accumulation.

Pets are animals and not Human – they do not know when to stop eating, they do not know what they should eat and what they should not! We recommend you visit your Vet and get a proper diet plan fixed with the quantity confirmed. This is necessary to ensure you feed your pet correctly, not too much and not too little. Also, the variety of pet food available is a good option to set and ensure the pet diet is well looked after as long as the pet exists with you, irrespective of the members of the support system you have at your home! Consistency is important and thus make the right choice of food you wish to feed your pet. Avoid giving pets left over food and specifically food with salt as this causes hair fall and skin irritation.

We all like to eat our food without being looked at that the opposite person is deprived, do not encourage your pets to sit and stare at your food or be around the table while food is served, its basic manners, one tip to be cautious, never touch your pet, or stand too close to your pet’s food while they are about to eat or are eating, they also do not like the idea of
someone staring at them nor their food while it’s their turn to eat! Grooming is equally important. We all love to look good and be well groomed and so are our pets. Once a day if not twice, a brush of their coat, lets free all the loose fur which otherwise would be flying around the furniture, a brush through a through makes your pet feel fresh and all charged up for a free dance show for you  With multiple pet care products from toothbrushes, toothpastes – which can be used once every week; makes them feel special. Be sure to carefully use ear buds and clear the wax from the ears of your pets regularly, this will keep the odor out and also attract less mites and ticks that sit in their ears as they’re always moist. It’s also good practice to keep checking the webs of the claws for any ticks hiding and clinging onto your pets. Bathing is recommended once in 10 – 15 days depending on the skin of your pet, while we need to ensure our pet is clean, we also need to keep their skin well moisturized and protected with oils.

Post bath is the best time you can enjoy with your pet as they come out as owners or rulers of the world and the house in every sense! Friskey, playful and notorious traits shall be visible of your pet, just be sure to wipe them and their paws completely dry before they set free, and enjoy the free dance, the loud barks and the call to catch them if you can! Bedtime is not always cuddles with all pets. Some like their dedicated bedspaces and so keep sheets and spreads that can be used as bedspreads or dedicated sheets to your pet beds. At some point during their nap, they will come check on you, stick to you, take your spot on the bed or just want to get into your blanket space – this is to just let you know they exist, they thought of you and are checking on you.

– Ms. Sanaa Kazi (Joint Managing Director & CXO Sasha Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd.)

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